April 15, 2016

I’ve held out for so long. Yes it’s true, I’ve been living without a smartphone cellular plan for years. I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy S3 for browser testing, but I’ve been loving my landline so much that it hadn’t crossed my mind to subscribe to a cell plan.

There’s something special about the landline experience, something so calm and carefree, that I can leave my home and focus on work and errands, and when I return be greeted by that blinking red light and all these little messages for me to consume at my leisure.

But, those days are over. I decided to get with it. I just got an iPhone and cell service. The calls and texts are flooding in. And I’m at the whim of whatever Verizon wants to charge my card. It’s been three days, and this morning I noticed an unexpected $54.50 charge on my account. Upon calling customer service, they removed it but didn’t offer a reasonable explanation of how it got there. Welcome to Verizon. Watch’em like a hawk.